March 18, 2011
March of the Penguins 2005 Winner

March of the Penguins. We’ve all seen it. It’s adorable and great and has Morgan Freeman as a narrator. Here is a cute story about the movie:

When this movie came out on DVD my little brother (then 5 or 6) wanted this movie SO BAD.  My step-mom had ordered it for him for Christmas but it was delayed due to high demand.  As it was getting closer to Christmas he kept talking about it, but we knew it wouldn’t come in time.  Then somehow ON CHRISTMAS MORNING, the fedex guy SHOWED UP with the movie!  And, my little brother was so happy! 

We watched it with him and there was a part where this one baby penguin was struggling and looked like it might get hurt or killed, but my brother who had seen the movie many times said, “guys! it’s ok, he’s gonna be ok.”

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